Synergy – Transforming our City to Smart City

Design Problem

The information age has resulted more knowledgeable health providers and patients than ever. Sources of information range from web (e.g., to mobile (e.g. apps to measure BPM), to wearables (e.g. smart watches), to providers themselves. Yet despite an abundance of data healthy behaviours remain a challenge due to limited time, motivation, funds, etc.

How might we leverage IoT to help citizens set, achieve, and track their personal health and fitness goals?

Design Solution


Synergy is your personal lifestyle coach, recommending and reminding the user of physical activity and goal throughout the day. The system uses multi-platforms (Desktop, Mobile, Smart Watch) to provide a full experience to user.



Our team began with a sketching storyboards and user interface sketches. Requirements were gathered at this stage, along with a low fidelity prototype.

After a few more iterations, we moved on to the medium fidelity prototype. Based on the feedback from the instructor and the TA, we included a carousel menu to minimize the amount of text on screen that users would have to process.

Iteration and Testing

The usability testing session was a valuable opportunity for us to gather users’ thoughts on our system and had allowed us to observe what they think and do with it. Tremendous changes were made to reflect on users’ feedback and concerns. The final high-fidelity, clickable prototype was built on Axure with full interaction.

Green was chosen as our theme colour to represent an active, healthy, and a “go get it” lifestyle, which is what our system is trying to achieve.

Current Stage: Final consolidation of all documents

My Contribution

System data flow diagram; Storyboards; System requirements; Low-fidelity prototype (Mobile); Medium-fidelity prototype (Mobile); Usability protocol (Pre & post-testing questionnaires, interview questions, moderator script, etc.); High-fidelity prototype (Mobile)