Redesigning the iSchool’s website

Design Problem

There currently exists two separate faculty website (, Current students often express difficulties on navigating around and searching for information on the websites. Never knowing where to find the information that they need, they often turn to Google for help to narrow down the searches. This obviously proved to be a mismatch between the conceptual and mental models.

Design Solution

Our 2-person team redefined the IA via top-down and bottom-up inspired approaches.

I relabelled top-level categories by consolidating those from 2 sites in a clearer and relevant manner, to minimize ambiguity, using an Affinity Diagram. The other team member identified common tasks performed by intended users, including those current students would perform in an ideal world, to give the challenge a bit of a user-centric lens.

Working collaboratively, the final scheme created merged these results following internal discussions and numerous iteration. This two-pronged approach enabled a more holistic design, designed to balance user needs with a realistic and implementable solution at an institutional level.

My Contribution

Due to the nature of our small 2-person team, everything was done collaboratively – from brainstorming, wireframing, user testing, and preparing the final deliverable.

Clickable Prototype in PDF