MyT.O. – Make the city your own

Design Problem


Based on my environmental scan report, many government initiatives involving use of open data have been receiving positive feedback from organizations, developers, and citizens. Open data has been a growing trend that allows government to develop policies effectively. One particular sector of focus is the tourism industry, which unfortunately, has been lacking attention since recent years especially in developing countries.

App developers are coming up with solutions to enhance travellers’ experience, by manipulating open data sets and transforming to easy access and user friendly application. These applications often include map services that pinpoint the user location and search for amenities, services, and other point of interest around the user. Open data has allowed app developers to provide a more personalized travel planner, and as a way to promote local businesses and city’s “assets” (such as tourist sites, museum, local events, etc.).

However, trip planning is a potentially lengthy process whereby tourists search, select, group and sequence destination products and services such as hotels, attractions, activities and restaurants. User would have to switch back and forth between applications and/or webpages to search for the information they need to plan their trip.

Design Solution

As such, our team had designed an application that would not only be useful for citizens, but also visitors of Toronto. Also as part of the Open Data Initiative by the Ontario Government, this design project also aims to promote the use of Open Data.

MyT.O. is a remarkable application in that users are able to modify the settings on their Radius Dropper (RD) in order to reflect their distinct interests, tastes, desired locations and budget, allowing for a truly customizable and personalized experience.

We worked closely with the staff from Ontario Public Service, from pitching ideas, usability testing, to prototyping. The feedback were 100% positive and many expressed that they would definitely use MyT.O. if it were in beta.

My Contribution

My particular part of the project was contributing to the project idea, and designing the logo, the usability flow diagram and the final poster, using Illustrator.