Customer Journey Map

Design Problem

The University of Toronto’s Career Centre has been working on improving their user experiences of the services. A major problem that they identified were the lack of awareness of the centre and its services. Aiming to engage students in developing their career management skills, the Career Centre had turned to our Representing UX class to map out a customer journey map in order to identify the Career Centre’s opportunities and threats.

Design Solution

Following the Mapping Experience textbook, by James Kalbach, we started out with internal (Career Centre’s staff) and external (students using the service) interviews. Furthermore, we conducted additional research based on the documents (annual reports, SWOT analysis, Strategic Plan, etc.) that the Career Centre provided. Based on the data we had, we wanted to decide on the “phases” (the high-level journey) and “aspects” (feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc.) of the experience.

Using a bunch of sticky notes and a few hours to brainstorm, we transferred our draft over to excel for further refinement. The “opportunities” were further developed based on more group discussion.

The final result (graphics completed by another team member):

This project was a team effort and was completed collaboratively (except the final design of the map).